Type of joint

Type of joint:

Type 4: Grooved joint: For grooved joint, there are grooved edges made on the ends of pipes which are connected by using an elastomer seal then to lock this elastomer seal ductile iron made couplings are used. These grooved joints are connected with the help of bolts. It’s easy to install these joints and they economically cheap too.

Type 5: Threaded joint- In threaded joints, pipes are connected by screwing the threads made on the ends of the pipe. One pipe has the thread internally and the other one has threads externally. Copper pipes, Cast iron pipes, and PVC pipes have built-in threads. Threaded joints are available for those pipes that have a diameter between 6mm to 300mm. These joints are perfect for low-pressure flows and low-temperature areas. These joints are used in plumbing denver co and sewer line cleaning denver co to make it a better sewer inspection denver. There is a chance that the joints may get expand and leaked in high-temperature areas. Although it’s easy to install threaded joints these joints required good maintenance.

Type 6: Soldered joint: Soldering is just as similar to the brazing process, but the only difference between them is that the filler metal in soldering has a temperature of less than 840°C. Before performing the soldering process, flux known as the paste is applied to fittings and pipes which prevents them from getting oxidized from flames. Skilled labor is required for the installation of this joint. Soldered joints are suitable where there are low temperatures. Since these joints have low mechanical strength as compared to brazed joints.

Type 7: Compression joint- Pipes having plain ends are joined by connecting some fittings at the end of pipes, and this type of joint is known as the compression joint. There are couplings or threaded fittings at both ends of the pipes hence they are connected. Therefore, we can use a compression joint to connect pipes of different sizes and different materials. But these joints should be properly fitted so that they can withstand high pressure, otherwise the joint may get a break and causes leakage. Compression fittings of different materials are available in the market and based on our requirement, we select the compression joint material.

Type 8: Socket welded joint: Sockets joints are used where there is a high chance of getting leakage in pipes. In this joint, pipes are first inserted one into another, and welding is done around the joint. In comparison to butt welded joints, Fatigue resistance is lower in socket welded joints.